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Kristian Von Tinkler
#38 Chevy Caprice
#88 Chevy Corsica
#50 Bandit Champ Kart
#50 Margay Kart

Maurice Von Tinkler
#61 Merkur XR4Ti
#61 Ford Ranger
#50 Formula 440
#8 Fiat X1/9

Trent Walker
#48 Margay Kart
#48 VW Rabbit

Team Crew:

Hugh Tinkler
Crew Chief / Engineer

Roberta Tinkler
Statistician / Fan Club

Irene Tinkler
Photos / Videos

Trent Walker
Pit Crew

El Diablo Negro
Shop Security

Team Schedule:

2/28 - Annual Tech Inspection - #61
Birmingham, AL
3/1 - Dirt Track Practice - #38
Dixieland Dirt Track - Cottonwood, AL
3/13 - Wiregrass Underground Meet
Dothan Dragway - Cottonwood, AL
3/14 - Relay For Life Car Show - #61
Midland City, AL

22 Feb 09 - Work continues on the '38 Special' after a blown head gasket and cracked head was discovered following the 2008 Chili Bowl race. Car should be back together and practicing in another weekend or so.

14-15 Feb 09 - Ran the two day event in Gainesville. Was our first 'rain' event. Did manage to get some dry track on Saturday, but decision to move to slick tires was premature and resulted in some slipping and sliding when the rains came back. Sunday was thunderstorms so we came home early.  Track was tighter than expected. Some Photos and maybe Video to come soon.

1 Jan 09 - The #61 'Rat' has entered the Solo Trials event to be held 14/15 Feb in Gainesville, FL. This will be the first event of the 2009 SE Division Time Trials season.

5 Nov 08 - The '38 Special' placed 2nd in the Thunder and Lightning Class at Smokey Harris Raceway during their 1st Annual Chili Bowl. This was his best finish of the year and the first time he ran at Haleburg this year.

25 Oct 08 - Had a successful weekend at the Talladega Gran Prix track. The #61 Merkur ran well, except for boiling the power steering fluid. Definitely going to need to work on that and the brakes before the 2009 season. Car ran well and we got plenty of track time, lots of good practice.

8 Oct 08 - There will be racing at DixieLand Dirt this weekend (11 Oct) and racing at Smokey Harris the following weekend (18 Oct). We won't make this weekends race because we're finally taking a couple days off and relaxing at the beach in Apalachicola/St. George Island. But we'll have the '38 Special' at the track next weekend.

4 Oct 08 - Don't know yet just which of the two dirt tracks we'll be running at next year; DixieLand Dirt in Cottonwood, or Smokey Harris Speedway in Haleburg. Have spoken with a couple of the other racers in the area and they haven't decided either. One said he was going to try them both, see which one paid out the best and treated the drivers the best, and go there.

23 Sep 08 - Just got word that now, the old Haleburg Dirt Track will be re-opening. New name for the track will be the Smokey Harris Speedway in honor of the tracks original owner back in 1967. Their website is www.smokeyharris.com

8 Sep 08 - Tinkler MotorSports will participate in the Performance Driving Experience to be held on 25 Oct 08 at the Talladega Gran Prix Raceway in Talladega Alabama. This will be the first outing for the #61 Merkur XR4Ti and a good test prior to the 2009 Time Trial events.

20 Aug 08 - Cottonwood Dirt Track is to be re-opened under new management. New track name is Dixieland Dirt Track. Many upgrades being done to facilities. Plans are to open up for a couple races to end the season and then a full season next year. We'll see on 20 September ! Their website is www.dixielanddirt.com

17 Aug 08 - Just got word that the CVMS Dirt Track had closed the doors, for the season and for good.  Don't know what is going on or where we'll be racing next year, maybe down at Milton, FL.

 7 Jul 08 - All 3 team drivers have registered for the Dixie Region SCCA AutoCross event to be held in August  at the South Georgia Motorsports Park north of Valdosta, Georgia.

5 Jul 08 - Rain out this weekend at the CVMS Dirt Track. Kristian remains in 5th place in the Track Points race in his class.

4 Jul 08 - Parts run to North Alabama. On the way, visited the Talladega Speedway and toured the track. Also visited the Talladega Gran Prix Raceway where a couple nice Vettes and BMWs were running at that track.

28 Jun 08 - Kristian managed a 6th place finish in the Thunder and Lightning class at CVMS Dirt Track. This finish moved him up from 6th to 5th in the Track Points race.
















#38 Chevy Caprice - Dirt Track

#88 Chevy Corsica - Dirt Track

#22 Chevy Corvette - Dirt Track

#50 Ford Escort - Dirt Track

#50 Bandit Champ Kart - Dirt Track

#61 Merkur XR4Ti - SCCA AutoX

#50 Formula 440 - SCCA AutoX

#8 Fiat X1/9 - SCCA AutoX

#50 Margay Kart - SCCA AutoX

#93 VW Rabbit - SCCA RallyX

#61 Ford Ranger - SCCA RallyX

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